Sistemi ed equipaggiamenti spaziali


L'A-STR e l'AA-STR sono sensori di assetto di medio campo visivo integrato in un unico assieme progettato per resistere alle radiazioni.

ExoMars Drill System

La Missione ExoMars ha tra i propri compiti l'acquisizione di campioni fino a due metri di profondità. Appena ottenuti, i campioni saranno analizzati da una serie di strumenti scientifici integrati direttamente sul Rover.


IRES is a two axis infrared Earth horizon sensor for accurate measurement of pitch and roll attitude angles with respect to the Earth disk centre. It is used in three-axes stabilised spacecrafts operating in GEO (Geostationary Earth Orbit)and MEO (Medium Earth Orbit).

Lightning Imager

The Lightning Imager (LI) has been designed for the Meteosat Third Generation (MTG) mission, dedicated to meteorogical and climate forecasts.


PHM - Passive Hydrogen Maser is an atomic clock developed by Airborne and Space Systems Division, used for precise positioning, timekeeping and other onboard applications. Designed to operate in space for more than 12 years, it offers an outstanding stability for averaging times from 1 to 100,000 seconds. Airborne and Space Systems Division is also developing a mini PHM, which offers the same frequency stability as the PHM in a smaller package.


PRISMA ("PRecursore IperSpettrale della Missione Applicativa") Payload is a Hyperspectral electro-optical sensor under development for the Italian Space Agency (ASI) in the frame of a small mission (<500 kg) for Earth Observation (environmental monitoring and risk management).

S3 (Smart Sun Sensor)

S3 (Smart Sun Sensor) is a two axes solar sensor based on an Active Pixel Sensor (APS) detector. S3 has been optimised for the commercial market of Earth Observation satellites and, thanks to the intrinsic radiation hardness of the detector, for the GEO Telecommunication spacecraft.


SLSTR is a high accuracy infrared radiometer which will be embarked in the Earth low-orbit ESA Sentinel 3 mission as a part of the GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment & Security) operational program.


SPVS™ is a modular solar generator which is made up of building blocks that can form solar cell strings of different lengths. The resulting networks are dedicated to small satellite applications.

Solar Power Generators

Airborne and Space Systems Division, a key player in Photovoltaic Assembly (PVA) design and lay-down, with a proven capability to supply state-of-the-art fixed solar array, has become a reliable worldwide partner for small solar generator systems. Thanks to its high flexibility in meeting the most challenging client needs, Airborne and Space Systems Division is capable to deliver solar arrays with an excellent cost/performance ratio.
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