Avionica e CNI



GAMAS is a family of Acoustic Systems developed to meet the requirements of a wide range of ASW missions for maritime patrol fixed and rotary wing aircraft. The GAMAS family includes the Sonobuoy sub-system for the OTS-90 Sonic System which is operational on the NFH-90 helicopter.


LOAM is a state-of-the-art navigational aid system for rotary wing platforms. Specifically designed to detect potentially dangerous obstacles along an aircraft's flight path, it warns the crew in sufficient time to implement effective evasive counter-measure manoeuvres. LOAM works on the laser radar principle using an eye-safe laser beam to periodically scan the area along the flight path and perform a detailed analysis of the returned echoes....

M424B1 IFF Transponder

The M42B1 equipment is derived from a family of MkIIA (MkXII + Mode 5) equipment developed under the NGIFF program in order to provide a state of the art IFF capability.

M425 IFF Transponder

The M425 IFF family represents a new generation of IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) transponders, equipped with encryption capability and TRANSEC features. This family of products has been developed to meet a wide range of IFF requirements for Command & Control.

M426S E-Scan IFF Interrogator

The Airborne and Space Systems Division M426S Electronically Scanned Identification Friend-or-Foe (E-Scan IFF) Interrogator is a state-of-the-art solution, which allows effective exploitation of the new capabilities offered by next-generation AESA radars, such as the Airborne and Space Systems Division Raven.

M427 Reverse Mode 5 Responder

The M427 Reverse Mode 5 responder is designed to prevent air-to-ground fratricide based on Reverse Mode 5, where interrogations are directed to targets at a specified set of geographic coordinates or within some specified range of distance. Only transponders located within the area will reply.

M428 IFF Transponder

The M428 compact transponder is the ultimate evolution of the existing and well proven family of MkXIIA (MkXII + Mode 5) transponders developed under the NGIFF program.


The Multifunctional Information Distribution System Low Volume Terminal (MIDS-LVT) is the result of a successful international development program between the United States, France, Italy, Spain and Germany. These nations have come together to design, develop, produce and deliver Link 16 terminals that are smaller, lighter, more reliable, less expensive than their predecessors, while retaining full compatibility with Joint Tactical Information...


MLIU550 is a Tactical Data Link Processor supporting all Tactical Data Links required by the G-550 CAEW surveillance aircraft. MLIU-550 allows participation to major Tactical Data Link networks in a small form avionic computer.


The NSU is a compact lightweight Integrated Navigation System. The unit includes an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), a Navigation Computer, an embedded airborne C/Acode GPS Receiver, DGPS, static and dynamic pressure sensors.