Avionica e CNI


ADS-B/TIS-B Airborne Receiver 1090ES

The 1090 Extended Squitter Airborne Receiver is a space-efficient, cost-effective solution for the upgrading (retrofit/forward-fit) of aircraft with a full and Air Traffic Situational Awareness (ATSAW) capability according to the current air traffic management regulations.


The AMMS is a powerful computing system designed to provide processing features to rotary wing aircraft, including Navigation & Flight Management, Cockpit Display Management and Aircraft Plants Management.


The Avionics Network Computing (ANC) Platform is an integrated avionic equipment, based on Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) concept, aimed at providing safe and secure communications services and data terminal management functions for manned and unmanned platforms. Based on Internet Protocol (IP) technology, it is also able to provide gateway functionalities for legacy communications systems and audio/video support.


The ANV-211 DME/P (Distance Measuring Equipment Interrogator/Precise) is designed to receive accurate distance information from DME/P Transponders and standard distance information from conventional DME/N Transponders.


The ANV-241A is an integrated, Multi-Mode Receiver which provides a world-wide precision navigation, approach and landing capability. It is a cost-effective, state-of-the-art solution for avionics upgrades and new installations.


The ANV-353 single unit Doppler Velocity Sensor (DVS) is an improved variant of the Doppler Sensor ANV-351, which was originally designed by Security and Information Systems Division for the installation on the AgustaWestland A-129 anti-tank helicopter and now in service with the Italian Army.


The ANV-801 is the core element of a multi-sensors navigation system for rotary and fixed-wing aircraft applications. It maximizes aircrew efficiency by replacing multiple control layouts with a single, easy to read and manage unit.

Cockpit Mission Display Processor (CMDP)

The Cockpit Mission Display Processor (CMDP) is a high safety avionics computer platform with a powerful embedded graphics capability. It is configured using the base of the standard hardware and layered software modules, both developed by adopting the latest quality standards that make the CMDP certifiable according to DO178B and DO254 level B (optionally level A) and suitable as a main cockpit mission computer.


The Data Link Management System (DLMS) provides the core element of data communications on manned and unmanned aerial platforms. As a Tactical Data Link Processor, it provides voice/data communications over broadband IP-based and legacy Tactical Data Link systems.


GAMAS is a family of Acoustic Systems developed to meet the requirements of a wide range of ASW missions for maritime patrol fixed and rotary wing aircraft. The GAMAS family includes the Sonobuoy sub-system for the OTS-90 Sonic System which is operational on the NFH-90 helicopter.