Sistemi di controllo del traffico


ATON - ATC Simulation Solution

ATON is an ATC Simulation solution, designed for basic and advanced training of air traffic controllers. It provides a wide capability to define and run multi-exercise sessions on heterogeneous operational scenarios.


DATAMET is a comprehensive state-of-the-art software suite for the support of hydro-meteorological early warning systems at both regional and national levels.


The SMR Enhanced Surface Airport Tracking Radar (E-SATR) is an X-Band, state-of-the-art, solid-state, high resolution radar for complete ground movement control in A-SMGCS systems.


GAINS integrates actual and predicted air traffic information from air-side and land-side sources, in order to improve operational efficiency and situational awareness at airports.


GRACE is a user-friendly workstation suitable for the ATC controller and ground operators in monitoring and predicting the GNSS performances over the airways of the controlled airspace.


LARA (LAst resort RAdio system) supports airport and airline companies operation within low cost, low capacity Air Traffic Control (ATC) systems.


MXC (Mode-S eXtended squitter Capability) is a high performance ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast) Ground Station for en-route, terminal and airport surveillance applications, compliant with the 1090MHz Mode-S Extended Squitter standard.

OTE D100 radio series

The OTE D100 radio series is a multi-mode digital radio family which can implement all communication standards foreseen by ICAO Annex 10 without modifying hardware and modules.


SIR-S is a Mode S Secondary Surveillance Radar, designed for the detection of cooperative targets in surveillance services. It has been designed to comply with the international standards for Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR) systems and to guarantee a high degree of maintainability and reliability.


Swim-Box is a System Wide Information Management (SWIM) system, designed to enable the seamless sharing of information between Airport Operators, Airlines and Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP).