Sistemi di controllo del traffico



ADAM (ADAptive Multilateration) is the Multilateration system by Security and Information Systems Division providing a high performance and accurate all-weather Surveillance for Airport and Wide Area applications.

Aerodrome Flight Information System

The Aerodrome Flight Information System is a rapidly deployable mobile Ground-Air-Ground Communication System designed to provide Air Traffic Control (ATC) communications in all environments.


AIMS is the Security and Information Systems Division solution that provides an advanced Support System to Operations Management in terms of processes and information for coordinating the overall airport activities through the real-time integration and correlation of all airport related systems.

ATC Ground System Accessories

Security and Information Systems Division can provide a wide range of Air Traffic Control equipment to accomplish the radio system. Radiating systems, automatic/manual filtering systems and power amplifiers can complete customer's ATC communication architecture to protect radio channels from external electromagnetic interferences or to improve the coverage area.


The ONM-ATC system has been designed to enhance the reliability of mission critical Air Traffic Control radio communications systems.

OTE D-MOST Solution

OTE D-MOST is designed to increase the flexibility of radio communications in the air traffic control environment. It is a self-contained, easily configurable system, suitable for operation in high density, electromagnetic conditions such as those found at airports.


With capabilities covering the domains of communications, navigation, weather and surveillance and backed by extensive expertise in system integration, Security and Information Systems Division helps ensure the safe, fast and efficient flow of air traffic, the security of people and goods, and the effective exchange of information between operators.


DATAMET is a comprehensive state-of-the-art software suite for the support of hydro-meteorological early warning systems at both regional and national levels.


The SMR Enhanced Surface Airport Tracking Radar (E-SATR) is an X-Band, state-of-the-art, solid-state, high resolution radar for complete ground movement control in A-SMGCS systems.


GAINS integrates actual and predicted air traffic information from air-side and land-side sources, in order to improve operational efficiency and situational awareness at airports.