Sistemi di automazione



Bipiano is a two-tier stacker letter sorting system. Flexible and ergonomic, with a small footprint, it combines high performance with reduced operating costs.

Baggage Handling Solutions

The Security and Information Systems Division has broad experience working on airport processes for more than 15 years, gaining the technological expertise needed to satisfy all the handling automation and security needs of a modern airport.

Compact Flat Sorting Machine (CFSM)

The CFSM (Compact Flat Sorting Machine) is a compact and flexible solution, sorting flat mail items and small packets, including plastic wrapped items, newspapers, open magazines and advertising material. It can be equipped both with automatic and manual feeders in order to extend the maximum range of mail that can be processed.


ICS (Integrated Coding Services) is a fully modular and scalable software infrastructure for Postal Automation. It can be configured for a wide range of solutions: from basic mail address resolution systems (equipment onboard mail sorting machines) to an integrated framework of value-generating services.

Multi-sorting Parcel Handling System (MPHS)

The Multisorting Suite is an innovative cross-belt sorter for logistics, courier and postal applications. Introducing a series of innovations, this technically advanced product delivers high performance in: synchronous linear motors, motor-driven rollers, and an induction power transfer system that does not require sliding contacts or on-board batteries.

Multisize Vertical Sorter (MVS)

The Multisize Vertical Sorter (MVS) is Security and Information Systems Division's compact sorter based on a vertical loop, developed for medium-sized postal, courier and logistic operator hubs. It has extended the functionality of the multi-purpose sorting machine by delivering improved performance over a reduced footprint, allowing item recirculation.

Multisorting Baggage Handling System (MBHS)

The Multi-sorting Baggage Handling System (MBHS) is an innovative cross-belt sorter for airport baggage handling. Cross-belt technology ensures optimum handling for all baggage, including fragile, high friction surface or irregular in shape. A series of innovations and improvements position the MBHS as one of the most advanced, high-performance baggage handling systems on the market.

Multisorting Tilt-Tray System (MTTS)

The MTTS - Multisorting Tilt-Tray System is an innovative Tilt-Tray sorter especially designed for airport Baggage Handling applications. The use of Curved Section Linear Synchronous Motor significantly increases sorting accuracy while drastically reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Sorting Address Management

SAM is a product developed for the productive management of data used by postal automation coding systems like address directories, delivery routes, coding depth determination data for OCR and VCS, by automated sorting systems like sorting programs for letters, flats, parcels, trays, bundles, rolls and any relevant mail mix, and by devices for sorting operational support (T&T workstations, manual process support boxes and pigeon holes).