Sicurezza e Protezione delle Infrastrutture


ElettraSuite VS 3000

ElettraSuite VS 3000 combines the power and performance of the VS 3000 TETRA radio unit with the extreme flexibility and ease-of-use of FPG3 front panel.

ElettraSuite VS 4000

ElettraSuite VS 4000 combines the power and performance of the VS 4000 TETRA radio unit with the new, flexible and user-friendly FPG3 Plus front panel.

IMSS (Integrated Mobile Security System)

IMSS is a system designed to provide enhanced situational awareness in a mobile and rapidly deployable system. It offers a fully featured operational control room inside the vehicle and can integrate with both existing and future sensor technologies.

Integrated Law Enforcement System

The Security and Information Systems Division Integrated Law enforcement System has been designed to support law enforcement agencies in their critical response activities through the definition of a common operational picture, built up across agencies, command centers and on-field operators, to coordinate activities and enhance real-time situational awareness.

Law Enforcement

Mainly designed for Police Forces and Investigative/Forensic departments, the integrated Law Enforcement Solution is able to support agencies through a combination of physical and cyber security, mission critical communications and social security.

MD4000 Tetra Modem

The MD4000 is an industrial modem platform built upon the VS 4000 TETRA/TEDS vehicular radio. Complemented with 2G/3G/4G and Wi-Fi capability, MD4000 offers a reliable solution for data transmission supporting SCADA applications.

MR4000 Tetra Router

The MR4000 is a powerful and flexible routing platform built upon the VS4000 TETRA/TEDS vehicular radio. MR4000 complements TETRA capabilities by adding 2G/3G, LTE communications and Wi-Fi connectivity for a broad range of mobile and fixed applications.

Main Operation Centre

The Main Operations Centre for control and security collects and correlates data from sensors located throughout the infrastructure to provide operators with a real-time, 24-hour top-level view of the situation and assist them in planning interventions.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas infrastructures are mission-critical systems since they need to adapt to fluctuating demands, whilst guaranteeing 24/7 availability. In this context, surveillance and monitoring technologies are required to deliver a 360 degree field of view (both in a physical and cyber context), since operations should be fully informed and in control, ensuring business continuity, avoiding injuries to operators, and delivering effective protection...


PERSEUS is a family of products and sub-systems both at Core Network and Terminal level that can be used as enabling products for building PMR networks of the next generation.