The unique characteristics of the AW609 TiltRotor combine the benefits of a helicopter and a fixed-wing aircraft into one aircraft. Taking off and landing vertically, flying above adverse weather conditions with up to nine people in comfort in a pressurised cabin at twice the speed and range typical of helicopters, the AW609 TiltRotor represents the next generation of aircraft transport for civil (both private and commercial operators), government and para-public roles.

Leading Features

Maximum Range - Std/Aux fuel tank : 1389 km / 2036 km    750 nm / 1100 nm

Speed (max): 510 km/h - 275 kts

Pressurised cabin

Fly-by-wire flight control system

De-icing system

Heated composite blades

Nine-seat interior with soundproofing


  • 3 Multi-Function Touch Screen Displays
  • Full IFR package
  • Flight guidance system
  • Flight management system
  • Global positioning system
  • Weather radar
  • Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT)


This multi-role aircraft can be configured for passenger transport, search and rescue, law enforcement, maritime surveillance, training and other government applications.


Maximise personal time by using the quickest method of travel from one location to another for distances between 50 and 500 nautical miles. Take off, accelerate rapidly, fly above the weather in comfort, landing vertically at your destination. Avoid the wear and tear of time spent in congested surface transport by flying direct to the centre of business.

Homeland Security

The AW609 is the ideal platform to support long-range surveillance operations and the control of illegal traffic, substances and immigration. The ability to operate more than 300 nm from the coast adds anti-piracy, protection of national waters and fisheries control to the wide range of security roles suited to the AW609.

Search and Rescue

The pioneering combination of hovering flight, high speed, flight in full icing and long range make the AW609 an unrivalled asset for government  or private SAR operations. Response times shrink when it matters most, even in the exceptionally difficult emergency situations created by natural disasters.

Emergency Medical Services / Patient Transfer

Gain vital, fast connectivity when transferring patients and or organs between hospitals and specialist medical centres. In time-critical scenarios the AW609 also allows inaccessible places to be reached quickly enabling operators to achieve the previously unachievable. In the pressurised cabin the possibilities for expert medical intervention with a broader range of treatment options expand. Up to four medics might be caring for up to two stretcher patients in the fully medically equipped cabin.

OffShore / Rescue Development

For Oil & Gas operators the AW609 can carry up to nine passengers long range at speeds that cut journey times in half. Full Transport Category/Class 1 performance ensures safety in operations even in single engine conditions. As rigs move further offshore this capability will set a new industry standard for long range transport and the AW609’s ability to fly in full icing conditions enables operations anywhere in the world. Ashore the AW609 provides access to remote locations in support of new exploration programmes.


The AW609 TiltRotor will be certified for flying in known icing conditions and features a composite fuselage and wings, an advanced touch-screen cockpit and full fly-by-wire digital controls. These advanced technologies will provide new levels of performance, reliability and affordability for future operators.


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