Vehicular Systems

Electromagnetic Modelling Solutions

The Land and Naval Defence Electronics Division has a proven capability in providing Electromagnetic (EM) solutions to resolve antenna installation issues in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Its expertise encompasses a range of platforms, which is reflected in a pedigree of success across many NATO countries.

HF Integrated Couplifier

The HF Integrated Couplifier is innovative equipment made up of an RF Power Amplifier (125W) and an Antenna Tuning Unit operating in the frequency range of 1.6 – 30 MHz. This equipment is part of a new family of Antenna Tuning Units (ATUs) from Land and Naval Defence Electronics Division.

Integrated Antenna Solutions (IAS)

The Integrated Antenna Solutions (IAS) team within Land and Naval Defence Electronics Division is a world leader with a long pedigree in both the electronics countermeasures (ECM) and communications markets. It develops bespoke antenna solutions – civil and military – for a wide range of fixed, mobile and man portable platforms including manpack/body-worn applications, wideband/multi-band vehicle installations and aircraft arrays.

Platform Personal Role Radio - PRR

The Platform PRR has been designed to be fitted in a range of hard-skinned and soft-skinned military vehicles, rotary-winged and transport aircraft. Interfacing with the platform harness, it provides communications between the crew and mounted, dismounted or transported troops equipped with PRR and EZPRR.

LRT 350

The Larimart LRT-350 is an high-per formance computer, specifically designed for vehicle applications.

Razor Tacsat

The TacSat Razor Antenna is an innovative solution providing front-line forces with robust, lightweight, on-the-move, high performance, tactical satellite communications.

SWave VQ1

The SWave VQ1 is a four-channel software defined vehicular radio that provides wideband secure voice/data services for current and future tactical communications needs. Compliant with the Software Communications Architecture (SCA) and the ESSOR architecture, it can support both legacy and emerging waveforms, supporting enhanced interoperability in NATO and coalition environments, for communications up to EU/NATO SECRET.

SWave VM3

The SWave™ VM3 is a vehicle variant of the single channel Hand Held software defined radio. It provides wide and narrowband secure voice/data services for present and future tactical needs.

LRT 310

This equipment embodies all of Larimart's experience withprevious Tactical Data Devices designed primarily as Communications Terminals for tactical environments

Sentinel MSR165

The Sentinel Multiservice Switch Router MSR165 is a versatile and reliable dual stack IPv4/IPv6 networking solution for military tactical applications on land platforms used in operational missions, such as Main Battle Tanks, armoured Fighting Vehicles, Personnel Carriers, Protected Tactical and Logistics platforms.