Land Network Infrastructure

Sentinel RIU

The Sentinel Radio Interface Unit (RIU) enables voice communications between users on the Sentinel All-IP network and those on networks with an audio interface.

Smart IDMS

Based on the Land and Naval Defence Electronics Division I2D and the SVGC IMU products, Smart IDMS is a bearer-agnostic data prioritisation and dissemination management tool. It utilises Cloud Technology; and allows users automatically to prioritise and manage the transfer of data, minimising bandwidth usage.

Sentinel Mobile Broadband Basestation (MBB)

The Sentinel Mobile Broadband Basestation (MBB) system exploits contemporary UMTS/3G mobile telephony to provide military and paramilitary users with self-contained, easily deployed data communications both within an area of operations and to/from an adjacent IP infrastructure.

Sentinel ISDN

The Sentinel ISDN Terminal Adapter provides access for an ISDN (BRI) terminal to the Sentinel Internet Protocol (IP) network. The terminal can be either non-secure or secure, such as the Land and Naval Defence Electronics Division Brent phone.

Sentinel VOIP Phone

The phones simply interconnect using ethernet within an All-IP system completely eliminating the traditional costly local distribution switch. Value-added features in the phone allow the elimination of other devices by direct provision of facilities such as conference and intercom.

LRT 330

The Larimart LRT-330 is an highly integrated tablet computer, with magnesium housing, specifically designed for portable applications.

Sentinel Software Suite

The Sentinel suite of software applications provides a standards-based tactical communications system, specifically designed to meet the needs of highly mobile subscribers and dynamic networks. The Sentinel Internet Protocol (IP) software provides a network with a complete and comprehensive suite of applications, supporting voice, video and data communications.


The CD/MT family of digital switches and multiplexers includes a complete range of products designed to provide access and advanced switching and multiplexing services to support military networks in both tactical and strategic environments.
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