Land Network Infrastructure

High Power Transmitter family

The Land and Naval Defence Electronics Division family of solid state, broadband, high power HF/SSB transmitters have been designed to meet the new standards of software reprogrammable radios while retaining the performance required of an HF radios in a modern, digital, communication system.


HF2000 is a versatile and feature-rich high frequency (HF) communications system that uses advanced automation software to offer ease of use and reliability of service.


The MH500 series is a new-generation of radio relay terminals designed to support tactical communication systems.

Sentinel MSR115

The Sentinel Multiservice Switch Router (MSR115) is a versatile and reliable dual stack IPv4/IPv6 networking solution for military applications in tactical and mobile environments.

Sentinel Dau

Embracing best-of-breed Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) technology, the Desk Access Unit (DAU) provides the Sentinel system with the capability to form Local AreaSystem networks.

Sentinel LDS

Embracing best-of-breed commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technology, the LAN Distribution System (LDS101) provides the Sentinel system with the capability to form Local Area System networks and to connect them to the Wide Area system.

Sentinel DAU+

The Sentinel DAU+ exploits robust COTS Ethernet switches to provide 10/100Mbps Ethernet connections for Internet Protocol (IP) data and Voice over IP (VoIP) devices, and up to 1 Gbps for interconnectivity. These user devices can be connected to a free port and will readily function without any pre-planning.

Sentinel All-IP

Sentinel is a suite of products, which are used to create an All-IP solution for tactical area voice and data communications. It can be used to create a complete Wide Area System (WAS), with as many Local Area Networks (LANs) as needed to meet a user's requirement for a modern tactical communications network. Additionally, Sentinel products can be deployed as an "add on" Local Area System (LAS) to an existing military network as a low-cost...

Sentinel ATA

The Sentinel Analogue Terminal Adapter is a multifunctional adapter that integrates analogue devices such as fax machines and telephones into an infrastructure of Internet Protocol (IP) based telephony. Use of this adapter with the Sentinel Desk Access Unit (DAU) will allow standard analogue phones to operate alongside new Sentinel IP phones within a modern tactical communication network.


The WRS504-N is a broadband tactical radio, based on WiMAX technology (IEEE802.16). It enables the implementation of multimedia point-to-point/point-to-multipoint high capacity radio networks in demanding military environments.
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