Land EW & Information Assurance


The CM117E is a multiprotocol digital voice/data crypto device for airborne, naval and land tactical applications. It can work in narrowband or wideband modes, interconnected to radio vectors (HF or V/UHF) or wired lines.


Designed, developed and manufactured by Land and Naval Defence Electronics Division, GUARDIAN provides "electronic armour" to security forces against Radio Frequency (RF) initiated Remotely Controlled Improvised Explosive Device (RCIED) threats

Guardian RCIED Supression

The Land and Naval Defence Electronics Division provides a range of capabilities that can be deployed in the Counter-IED fight. They are predominately in the ‘Defeat the Device' and ‘Attack the Network' domains.


The Communications Denial Sub-System (CoDeSS) delivers unparalleled powerful sophisticated jamming capability to the user. Designed for stand-alone operation or integration into a wider battalion-level EW system, CoDeSS is a military proven state-of-the-art electronic attack (EA) system addressing targets of interest within the HF to UHF Communication Bands.