Radar di Sorveglianza



AULOS®PASSIVE COVERT RADAR AULOS® is the passive radar system designed by Leonardo to provide detection and tracking capability for defence and homeland security applications. The system works by processing reflections from illumination sources such as commercial broadcast and communications signals. AULOS® in an eco-friendly system since it doesn't produce electromagnetic pollution.


LYRA® 10 is a short-range ground surveillance radar providing advanced situational awareness for both security and defence applications. Thanks to its compact dimensions and low weight, the radar is suitable for integration on a wide range of military and civilian land platforms, including light multirole tactical vehicles (LMTVs) and commercial cross-country trucks.


The RAN-30X surveillance radar represents the state-of-the-art of 2D X-Band surveillance radars. It can operate as a primary sensor for combined surface and air surveillance on board patrol vessels or as a specialized anti-seaskimmer sensor on board major Surface Combatant Vessels.


The RAT 31 DL is an advanced L-band solid state phased array, 3D surveillance radar, effective to a range of over 500 Km. The RAT 31 DL is a new state-of-the-art radar system designed to operate within modern military Air Defence systems. It is a direct derivative of the successful RAT 31 SL.


The RAT 31DL/M is a tactical long-range radar operating in L-Band, specifically designed to support NATO troops in peacekeeping missions. It is the latest distributed fully solid-state radar designed by Land and Naval Defence Electronics Division. It can be deployed on the battlefield as a front line system to monitor and protect territories and assets against all air threats.


The SPN-730 is a Low Probability of Intercept (LPI) navigation radar, designed to provide excellent detection features combined with silent mission capability. Easy to install on any type of combat vessel, it uses solid state technology and offers effective integration with on-board Electronic Support Measures (ESM).