Vehicular Systems



NERIO-LR is a state-of-the-art modular Electro-Optical (EO) Surveillance, Threat Acquisition (STA) and Reconnaissance system designed to satisfy a broad range of current and emerging customer requirements.

Observer 250

OBSERVER 250 delivers a 360° day, night and all weather 25m tower mounted surveillance platform which can be brought into action in less than 30 minutes, providing persistent surveillance to mobile patrols and fixed installations.

LOTHAR (Land Optronic Thermal Aiming Resource Gunner Sight)

LOTHAR (Land Optronic Thermal Aiming Resource) is a modular and compact sight designed to deliver identification, recognition and pin-point targeting capabilities to the gunner, day or night.

Enforcer RWS

Enforcer is a state of the art Remote Controlled Weapon System (RCWS) designed to be fitted to a wide range of combat vehicle platforms, including light wheeled and tracked armoured fighting vehicles.

Enforcer II RWS

Enforcer II is a state-of-the-art stabilised Remote Controlled Weapon System (RCWS). Enforcer II is based on the combat proven Enforcer RCWS with approx 500 systems in service with the British Army on wheeled/tracked vehicles and fixed installations.

STAWS (Surveillance Target Aquisition and Weapon Sight)

The Surveillance Target Acquisition and Weapon Sight (STAWS) is an integrated, passive, multispectral sighting system designed for use with the latest generation of Remote Controlled Weapon Systems (RCWS).

Observer 100

OBSERVER is a rapidly deployable surveillance platform designed to provide defence forces with comprehensive 360 degree day-and-night detection and target assessment, satisfying the surveillance requirements of mobile forces, and supporting the defence of temporary and fixed installations.
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