Vehicular Systems


VMS - Vehicle Mission Systems

A Mission System following the GVA approach offers a configurable, scalable suite consisting of sensors, effectors, processing and data storage, communications and HMI modules.

ATEV- All Terrain Mobile Surveillance

Protection of large borders and key installations demand the flexible use of surveillance assets. The Land and Naval Defence Electronics Division All-Terrain MSV can operate autonomously or integrated with larger border management and coastal protection systems.


COLIBRI is a modular Fire Control System designed for easy integration onto vehicles, tank turrets or artillery platform. Comprising a variety of sensors including thermal imager and laser range finder, the system delivers accurate targeting capabilities for artillery platforms and tank turrets, in a rugged, compact enclosure with an overall weight of less than 15kg.

DNVS - Driver's Night Vision System

The Drivers Night Vision System (DNVS) is a passive, multi-spectral, wide-angle, indirect view, observation system. Designed to enhance the operability of an Armoured Fighting Vehicle, the DNVS provides optimum vision and improved situational awareness for today's 24-hour, all-weather battlefield environments.

TURMS-D (Tank Universal Reconfigurable Modular System)

The Tank Universal Reconfigurable Modular System (TURMS) is a ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition, Reconnaissance) system integrating Gunner and Commander hunter-killer capabilities. TURMS-D design is fully modular, able to match and fulfil customer requirements, and to integrate with existing capabilities on a wide variety of AFVs and MBTs.

STAWS DF (Surveillance Target Aquisition and Weapon Sight Direct Fire System)

The STAWS Direct Fire System provides a flexible and cost effective day/night sighting solution for a wide variety of armoured fighting vehicles ranging from light tanks up to and including self-propelled howitzers.

THETIS (Thermal Tank Infrared System)

Today's battlefield requires armoured vehicles to provide effective fire and combat capability whatever the visibility conditions. THETIS is designed to provide tanks and combat vehicles with passive infrared (IR) observation and firing capabilities at night, in the presence of smoke or in other low visibility conditions.


The RD104-GVA-4x is a full GVA-compliant yet cost effective, rugged 10.4" flat panel display. Its compact dimensions, Ethernet and Middleware interfaces mean that a multifunction GVA crew station can now be accommodated in the most confined spaces, even in legacy vehicles lacking a video network infrastructure.


Janus is a high performance, stabilised, multi sensor designed to deliver combined medium and long-range panoramic sight, day/night, all-weather in rugged, self contained, compact package.


NERIO-ULR is a state-of-the-art modular Electro-Optical (EO) Surveillance, Threat Acquisition (STA) and Reconnaissance system designed to satisfy a broad range of current and emerging customer requirements.
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