Airborne and Surveillance Systems

EOST-46 - High Performance Passive Electro-Optical Surveillance And Tracking System

EOST-46 is a multi-sensor turret system that combines high performance sensors with a high performance turret to meet the operational needs of today's airborne observation, surveillance and reconnaissance. EOST-46 is based on a modular payload, containing up to four EO sensors. It uses the proprietary Erica Plus thermal imager, operating in the medium wavelength spectrum.

Flir 111 - Helicopter Navigation Forward Looking Infrared

The FLIR 111 makes use of a second generation thermal camera mounted onto a two-axis steering platform.

Titan 385 HD

The Titan 385ES-HD Multi-Sensor Turret System combines high performance sensors into a single Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) solution, to meet the operational demands of today' s airborne observation, surveillance and reconnaissance requirements. A number of infrared optic configurations are available dependent on the operational application.