Il tuo talento e la tua energia sono essenziali per il futuro del nostro business, per continuare a crescere in un mercato altamente competitivo e per andare incontro alle esigenze dei nostri clienti. I nostri programmi di formazione per laureati sono progettati per accompagnarti nei primi passi nel mondo del lavoro e per sviluppare il tuo percorso di carriera. Avrai l’opportunità di conoscere la nostra azienda e di essere coinvolto in progetti concreti fin dal primo giorno.


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Electronics, Defence and Security Systems

Our two-year Electronics, Defence and Security Systems graduate programme is designed for individuals who are passionate about realising their full potential and who have achieved (or predicted to achieve) a 2:1 or higher in degrees relating to Engineering (electrical, electronic, mechanical, systems, aerospace, software, aeronautical), Maths, Physics, Computer Science or in any number of business-related degrees.


We are continually looking for applications from self-starter graduates with ambition and drive, who are capable of delivering and working as part of a team, whilst equally being capable of independent working.


Applications for the graduate programme close on 28 April 2017.


Job Title Ref Location
Graduate Systems Engineer (Airborne & Space) 1472 Any UK site
Graduate Systems Engineer 1466 Basildon
Graduate Software Engineer 1465 Basildon
Graduate Systems Engineer 1519 Bristol
Graduate Supportability Engineer 1503 Edinburgh
Graduate Procurement 1500 Edinburgh
Graduate Project Manager 1499 Edinburgh
Graduate Systems Engineer 1497 Edinburgh
Graduate Commercial Officer 1438 Edinburgh
Graduate Software Engineer (Test Equipment) 1430 Edinburgh
Graduate Software Engineer (Test Equipment) 1429 Edinburgh
Graduate Test Equipment Engineer 1428 Edinburgh
Graduate Software Engineer 1426 Edinburgh
Business Development Graduate 1490 Luton
Graduate Supportability Engineer 1489 Luton
Graduate Software Engineer 1487 Luton
Graduate Commercial Officer 1477 Luton
Graduate Systems Engineer 1475 Luton
Graduate Hardware Engineer 1473 Luton
Graduate Project Assurance Engineer 1468 Luton
Graduate Mechanical Engineer 1467 Luton
Graduate Systems Engineer 1501 Southampton
Graduate Project Manager 1483 Southampton
Graduate Industrial Engineer 1480 Southampton



Our two-year programme allows graduates to complete several 3-6 month placements, designed to provide practical experience within the organisation. Graduates complete a number of development activities which aim to ensure smooth integration into the company, whilst providing essential skills, knowledge and networking opportunities.


The graduate application process is currently closed, and will reopen in the autumn.


Entry Requirements

Successful candidates will have achieved a minimum of a 2:1 degree in a relevant discipline and will be able to demonstrate technical knowledge and the behaviours required to ensure future success, identified by a rigorous selection process.


Applicants for places on the Engineering programme will preferably have gained a Masters level degree.


  Download the Helicopters Graduates Brochure for further information about the programme.


Frequently Asked Questions about our graduate programme


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