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skyISTAR is a state of the art multi-mission integrated sensor system. Its service orientated architecture allows easy system reconfiguration and the introduction of different sensor suites to match a wide range of military, para-military and civil requirements.

Kronos Land

Il KRONOS LAND è un radar mobile multifunzione disegnato da Elettronica per la Difesa Terrestre e Navale per supportare operazioni di difesa aerea costiera.

ALICE HH (Hand Held)

ALICE HH is an uncooled thermal imager based on a state-of-the-art, high resolution focal plane. The advantages of uncooled IR technology mean that there is no need for cryo-cooling devices. This results in a significant reduction in weight, size and power consumption, together with an overall improvement in reliability, operational readiness and portability.

SWave VQ1

The SWave VQ1 is a four-channel software defined vehicular radio that provides wideband secure voice/data services for current and future tactical communications needs. Compliant with the Software Communications Architecture (SCA) and the ESSOR architecture, it can support both legacy and emerging waveforms, supporting enhanced interoperability in NATO and coalition environments, for communications up to EU/NATO SECRET.


Janus is a high performance, stabilised, multi sensor designed to deliver combined medium and long-range panoramic sight, day/night, all-weather in rugged, self contained, compact package.

LOTHAR (Land Optronic Thermal Aiming Resource Gunner Sight)

LOTHAR (Land Optronic Thermal Aiming Resource) is a modular and compact sight designed to deliver identification, recognition and pin-point targeting capabilities to the gunner, day or night.


L'Aermacchi M-346 è il velivolo da addestramento più avanzato oggi disponibile sul mercato.


The AW101 combines the most advanced technologies, safety by design, mission systems and leading-edge manufacturing to provide a proven platform for Heads of State and VVIP operators.


The AW149 is the brand new medium category helicopter, designed to provide versatile battlefield support, with excellent performance characteristics and competitive economics, certified to the latest CS29 standards.


Multirole capability to satisfy present and future operational requirements, has been one of the priority targets of the PZL Swidnik engineers in designing the helicopter architecture.
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