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AW1248 Tuncan

The distributorship agreement includes a commitment for ten SW-4s which will be manufactured by PZL-Świdnik in Poland.
Heli-Expo 04/03/2015 19:05

AW1246 AW119Kx China

The first delivery of an AW119Kx to a Chinese customer follows the signing of a distributorship agreement with Sino-US Intercontinental in 2013 and the opening of a regional business headquarters in Shanghai in 2014.
Heli-Expo 04/03/2015 18:15

AW1241 AAR Falklands SAR

Finmeccanica – AgustaWestland announced today it has signed a contract with AAR Airlift Group to provide two new generation AW189 helicopters to perform search and rescue in the Falkland Islands.
Heli-Expo 04/03/2015 18:05

AW1245 European Corporate Helicopter Market

Finmeccanica – AgustaWestland is experiencing a continued expansion of its presence in the European corporate helicopter market with new sales signed recently for three helicopters comprising one GrandNew light twin, one AW169 light intermediate twin and one AW139 intermediate twin helicopter. Deliveries will be completed by 2017.
Heli-Expo 04/03/2015 18:00

AW1247 MIT 119Kx

Finmeccanica – AgustaWestland and Sino-US Intercontinental of China announced today that MIT Group of China will operate a total of six AW119Kx single engine helicopters to perform emergency medical service missions.
Heli-Expo 04/03/2015 16:51

AW1240 PHI AW139

The important result was achieved by a fleet of ten helicopters performing offshore transportation missions in the Gulf of Mexico since 2011.
Heli-Expo 03/03/2015 17:05

AW1239 Mitsui Bussan

The agreement will ensure enhanced and quicker delivery of services to the Japanese operators to maximize fleet operational effectiveness.
Heli-Expo 03/03/2015 17:00

AW1238 AW609 Bristow

The development agreement envisages AgustaWestland and Bristow working closely on a number of activities in support of AW609 program development.
Heli-Expo 03/03/2015 16:45

AW1237 CST service plans

Four new plans called Essential, Full Components, Operational Support and All Inclusive have been developed to address different levels of customer operational needs.
Heli-Expo 03/03/2015 11:35


The AW609 TiltRotor program has achieved key milestones, initiating the production phase in anticipation of the first customer deliveries.
Heli-Expo 03/03/2015 11:25