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AW952 Exclases AW139 AW169 AW189 order

AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company, is pleased to announce that Exclases Holdings Ltd. has signed a contract for two AW169, two AW139 and two AW189 helicopters. This purchase marks the entrance of the new generation AW169 and AW189 models into the Russian market and further expands the presence of AgustaWestland in Russia.
AgustaWestland 14/02/2012 17:55

AW949 Columbia River Bar Pilots GrandNew

AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company, is pleased to announce that the GrandNew light twin engine helicopter has been selected as the platform of choice by the Columbia River Bar Pilots in Oregon, USA.
AgustaWestland 14/02/2012 10:35
Consegna T 346A

Consegna T 346A

Il secondo velivolo di serie M-346, prodotto da Alenia Aermacchi, è stato consegnato nei giorni scorsi all'Aeronautica Militare.
Venegono Superiore (VA) 13/02/2012

AW939 Training Academy Expansion

AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company, has commenced construction work on a new simulator hall at its "A. Marchetti" Training Academy located in Sesto Calende, Italy.
AgustaWestland 13/02/2012 11:54

AW946 Bond Framework Agreement

AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company, and Bond Aviation Group, are pleased to announce that they have signed a Framework Agreement for 15 helicopters comprising ten firm orders and five options.
AgustaWestland 13/02/2012 10:49

AW947 Mitsui Bussan AW139 order

AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company, is pleased to announce the signing of contracts for four additional AW139 medium twin helicopters in Japan through its distributor Mitsui Bussan Aerospace.
AgustaWestland 13/02/2012 10:44

AW948 P1AR Agreement

AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company, is pleased to announce it has signed a Collaboration Agreement with Priority 1 Air Rescue for the delivery of helicopter rear crew training courses to AgustaWestland customers.
Heli Expo 13/02/2012 10:41

Finmeccanica si aggiudica commesse da circa 730 milioni di euro per oltre 100 elicotteri

Finmeccanica, attraverso la società controllata AgustaWestland, si è aggiudicata commesse per un controvalore complessivo di circa 730 milioni di euro, relative a più di 100 elicotteri per impieghi commerciali.
Roma 13/02/2012

AW935 Family of Next Generation Helicopters

AgustaWestland is the only helicopter manufacturer able to offer operators a family of next generation helicopters spanning the 4.5 to 8 tonne weight range.
AgustaWestland 12/02/2012 12:13

AW936 AW609 programme update

AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company, is moving forward with the development of the AW609 tiltrotor programme following the completion of its acquisition in November 2011. The company will continue the certification process with the Federal Aviation Administration targeting AW609 certification in the first half of 2016 and deliveries following immediately afterwards.
AgustaWestland 12/02/2012 12:10