Quality requirements for suppliers

AgustaWestland Quality Requirements for Suppliers document (QRS01) is applicable to all Suppliers when referred to within the Purchase Order/Contract and/or Agreement and  shall be flowed-down to all Sub-tier Suppliers.

All Suppliers must be approved to supply products.

The Aerospace industry has standardised business management requirements.

Aerospace related companies are expected to be registered to EN/AS/JISQ9100 series, as applicable.
AgustaWestland is flowing down this requirement to their Suppliers.

This document is in the same format as the EN/AS/JISQ9100 standard and contains AgustaWestland
specific requirements that are in addition to the standard.

Depending on Supplier Classification, all the requirements of this document shall apply and may be checked and monitored for compliance by AgustaWestland.

From  1st July 2015 the new revision of Quality Requirements for Suppliers (QRS01 Issue 3) will be applicable to all suppliers:

 New Quality Requirements for Suppliers:  QRS01 Issue 3


AgustaWestland ltd

QRS01 Issue 3 Associated Docs

Here below QRS01 associated documents applicable from the 1st July 2015:

Document Title
QRS-01A Associated QRS-01 Documents
QRS-100 Digital Manufacturing
QRS-101 First Article Inspection Guidelines
QRS-102 Control Plan for Deliveries
QRS-103 Quality Requirements for Subcontracted Parts
QRS-104 Special Processes / NDT Qualification and Critical Processes Requirements, Equipment and Personnel
QRS-106 Delivery Documentation
QRS-107 Management of non-conformance, production permit and continued airworthiness
QRS-108 Requirements for Preparation of Supplier’s Quality Plan
QRS-110 DO-PO Arrangement
QRS-112 Control of Records
QRS-114 Packaging
QRS-115 Requirements for Supplier of Design and Development activities for AW
QRS-116 Qualification and Quality Assurance Software requirements for Suppliers of Equipment’s during Design and Development Phases
QRS-117 Qualification and Quality Assurance Complex Electronic Hardware requirements for Suppliers of Equipment’s during Design and Development Phases
QRS-120 Programs Additional Requirements
QRS-121 Counterfeit Parts
XXX Storage Conditions

Forms QRS01 Issue 3

Here below the forms applicable to QRS01 Issue 3:

QRS.101.F01 PN Accountability
QRS.101.F02 Product Accountability
QRS.101.F03 Characteristic Accountability
QRS.104 Appendix 3 RFVA
QRS-106 Annex 1 MIR
QRS-106 Annex 2 LOG Card
QRS.107.F01 Concession
QRS.107.F02 Deviation Permit
QRS.110.F01 DO-PO Form
QRS.110.F02 IPO-PO Form
QRS.110.F03 SADD Form