Leonardo's Museums

Leonardo historically, has always paid close attention to the cultural ferment and debate that has characterised the evolution of the Italian society. For the relevance of its business and the innate attitude taken towards innovation in a field that is social, as well as technological, Leonardo has always sought to make its own concrete, distinctive contribution in this respect.


Leonardo is committed to the promotion, enhancement and protection of its industrial culture, history, experience and traditions.


Leonardo's Museums are the exception witnesses of the technological and industrial memory and constitute a tool for constant dialogue and sharing between the company and the territory. An exceptional contribution towards the establishment and maintenance of Leonardo's Museums has been made by the employees, former employees and seniors, who have donated keepsakes, recognised archives and who often manage the museums, as well as by the clear contribution made by the Divisions.


Living, dynamic structures that become a point of reference for the inclusion of the communities and territories of reference. The aim is to make it an industrial, cultural pole open to visitors, researchers, students and economic and cultural operators.