Our approach


Sustainability in Leonardo means to integrate effectively the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) topics in strategy and operating processes, with the ultimate objective of strengthening the competitiveness and the ability to create value in the long term, working on the basis of shared values and rules of responsible business conduct.



With the new Industrial Plan Leonardo has defined guidelines and objectives based on an approach opened to innovation and on a path for the improvement of transparency and accountability of its activities. Through the analysis of materiality, the management evaluates annually the relevance of the themes emerging from the external context and from the internal priorities, identifying the areas of integration between sustainability factors and key guidelines of the Industrial Plan.


Business Plan: Development and Growth - The 4 pillars

 Industrial Plan



To ensure the continuity of the commitment and the consistency of the action of the Group on sustainability, Leonardo established a high-level Committee, composed by members of the Board of Directors, a central coordination body and an operational network articulated on various levels of the organization.


Sustainability Governance


Nomination, Governance and Sustainability Committee 

  • together with the Risks and Control Committee, evaluates the pursuit of the sustainability guidelines in line with the Industrial Plan
  • monitors the sustainability issues related to business activities and promotes the interaction with stakeholders;
  • examines the Sustainability and Innovation Report;
  • monitors the company’s inclusion in the main Sustainability indexes/ESG and promotes its participation in relevant initiatives.

Sustainability Council 

The Sustainability Council, comprised by first level manager reporting to the Chief Executive Officer and General Manager:

  • defines the sustainability guidelines;
  • defines goals and action plans;
  • ensures the monitoring and the achievement of the objectives.

Sustainability Ambassadors 

The Sustainability Ambassadors, selected at Corporate/Division level by the members of the Sustainability Council, act as change agents for sustainability issues and are responsible for coordinating, implementing and monitoring the actions of the sustainability strategy.




With the publication of the Sustainability and Innovation Report, Leonardo shares every year with all stakeholders the actions taken and the results achieved.