Leonardo per ExoMars

Leonardo technologies for Mars Exploration

The ExoMars programme has a number of scientific objectives including the search for alien life, past or present. Other goals include understanding the geochemical composition of the planet, learning more about the planet's environment and geology and identifying potential risk factors for future manned missions.

Thales Alenia Space in the ExoMars programme

Thales Alenia Space Italy is the Prime Contractor and is responsible for all planning on both ExoMars missions.


The A-STR and AA-STR are medium Field of View (FOV) star trackers integrated in a single assembly with a radiation hardened design.

ExoMars Drill System

The ExoMars mission requires the collection of subsurface samples down to a depth of two metres. Once collected, the sample is then distributed to a suite of scientific instruments for rover on-board analysis.