Simulation & Training


The Avionics Systems Trainer (AST) developed by Selex ES, provides a unique training platform for first line avionics systems maintenance mechanics and technicians. Users are provided with an environment that simulates the cognitive processes involved with operating or maintaining any military fast jet or rotary wing aircraft such as Typhoon, F-16, Apache, Tornado or Hawk. AST is designed to enable students to completely familiarise themselves...

Computer Based Maintenance Training

For over two decades, Airborne and Space Systems Division has established itself as one of the leading specialists in the design and supply of computer-based aircraft diagnostic and corrective maintenance training solutions. Our aircraft computer-based maintenance training solutions help to reduce costs, increase operational capability and improve equipment reliability.

Fighter Mission Trainer

Fighter Mission Trainer is a reconfigurable simulation device offering a complete sensor simulation displayed in realistic environments. The aim of the Fighter Mission Trainer is to be a training tool, a CONOPS demonstrator and a debriefing tool. Its updates are synchronised with the release of each aircraft upgrade offering easy-to-use and cost-effective initial training that displays the aircraft's sensor capabilities in an interactive and...


Airborne and Space Systems Division's VIR3x Image Generator System combines the highest performance and quality standards with an unprecedented simplicity and speed in scenario database preparation. Image richness and quality is dynamically enhanced automatically by the system.


The MARS Multimode Airborne Radar Simulator, is a software tool which provides a real-time computer simulation of the principal A/G and A/A radar modes of modern airborne pulse-doppler radars. Designed to be easily integrated into different flight simulators, the tool is currently in use in the Eurofighter Typhoon simulators for the European Typhoon consortium ASTA.

UAS Training Solutions

The domain knowledge and expertise gained from the Company's delivery of the British Army's WATCHKEEPER TUAV training solution enables Airborne and Space Systems Division to offer a scalable and flexible training solution that can be adapted to match the training requirements of any specific system type, its unique operating procedures and concept of operations.

UAV Battlelab

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are expected to take an increasing role in existing and future operations. Military and security forces need to prove and validate new roles and applications. For this emerging need, Airborne and Space Systems Division offers the UAV BattleLab (UAVBL), a cost effective solution for multiple requirements.


The IAMT prepares technicians for type specific training on operational fast jet, multi-engined, or rotary wing aircraft such as Typhoon, F-16, Apache, Tornado, C130, A400M or Hawk.