Electronic Warfare

SAGE ESM (Electronic Support Measure)

SAGE is a digital ESM / ELINT for RF intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions. Delivering a situational awareness capability, SAGE provides RF signal analysis for intelligence gathering and tactical responses. It has both single and multi-platform geo-location of RF assets, parallel wideband and channelised receivers, and delivers instantaneous detection and ELINT analysis. SAGE is suitable for a range of aircraft from tactical...

SEER RWR (Radar Warning Receiver)

The SEER Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) utilises a digital receiver for advanced situational awareness and is essential for evading threats in a complex hostile environment. Trialled with outstanding operational results and supplemented with a complete support package, SEER can increase mission success and aircraft survivability for a range of new or upgrade programmes, including large transport and small fixed wing aircraft, rotary wing vehicles...

Sky Guardian 2000

Aircraft operational environments are ever more threatening. Situational awareness and rapid response to identified threats are critical to survivability. Sky Guardian 2000 is an advanced radar warning receiver (RWR) that provides situational awareness and rapid threat warning and includes a central hub for integrating other Electronic Warfare (EW) sensors and countermeasures. The equipment is a very capable, yet compact system suited to...
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