Avionics & CNI



The Airborne and Space Systems Division has the design authority and is the prime contractor of the OTS-90, the sonic system selected of the NFH 90 helicopter for Italian and Dutch Navies.

RT-200/400 Family

The RT-200/400 family of advanced HF/SSB transceivers have been designed specifically for fixed-wing and rotary-wing avionic platforms.

Radar Altimeter Family

Airborne and Space Systems Division has a strong heritage in the field of Radar Altimeters after entering the market in 1966. Since then it has developed its capabilities to design and produce stateof- the-art equipment that is in competition with major US and European companies.

SHUD 1000

The SHUD 1000 is a state-of-the-art, dual or single refractive combiner, capable of displaying attack, navigation and landing information. The main performance of the graphic engine is to generate the symbology handler and router to drive the HUD formats in cursive only or in cursive on raster mode managed through a dual redundant 1553B Remote Terminal. The SHUD 1000 delivers high performance at a low cost, making it the best solution for new...

SIT434CI IFF Interrogator

The SIT434CI is one of a family of IFF Mk XA and National Secure Mode (NSM) and Mode S interrogators developed under the multinational New-Generation IFF (NGIFF) programme in order to provide a state-of-the-art IFF interrogation capability.


The SMD-55 is a 5 inches by 5 inches high performance Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display with full colour capability under all conditions, from full sunlight to NVG operations.

SP-1450 N-E

The SP-1450/N-E Intercommunications System (ICS) is designed for use on fixed and rotary wing platforms. It integrates all radio communications and navigation equipment, data links and internal/external communications facilities into a single, Tempest proven architecture.


Airborne and Space Systems Division supplies the SP 2310 Airborne HFDL system to provide main airborne platforms with the capability for HF voice and data communications. Together with an ACARS management unit or communications management unit (CMU) the SP-2310 HFDL provides the capability to exchange data with other aircraft or ground station supporting AOC, ATS and ATC services.

SP2305 - Link 11 System

SP2305 is an airborne Link 11 system providing modem and network control functions to operate in a tactical digital information link. It employs networked communication techniques and a standard message format for the exchange of information between airborne, land and shipboard tactical data systems using either HF or UHF equipment.


The SRT-700 is a new generation of V/UHF multi-band airborne radio family provided by an advanced (patented) PA that allows a significant reduction of power consumption in TX mode (30% more than its respected conventional solutions).