Mobility Solutions

Cities AFCS

Cities AFCS (Automatic Fare Collection System) is a system for integrated fare collection of urban and extra-urban transport services with the simultaneous use of magnetic, paper and contactless ticket systems.

Cities AVM

Cities AVM (Automatic Vehicle Monitoring) has been designed and created to manage a surface fleet based public transport network in a simple and effective manner.

Cities LTZ

Cities LTZ is a traffic control system utilising electronic gates to identify the numberplates of passing vehicles. It then checks whether a vehicle is authorised for transit in controlled access areas such as priority lanes, historic city centres, docks and car parks.

Cities MMS

Cities MMS (Mobility Management System) is a system designed to provide users, whether already travelling or in the pre-trip phase, with travel information and advice on the type of transport to choose and the route to take.

Cities Suite

The Cities Suite of products offers solutions for improving the various aspects of public and private transport, including mobility management, traffic control, user information and the management of vehicle fleets and garages.

Cities UTC

Cities UTC (Urban Traffic Control) is a system from Security and Information Systems Division, designed to manage urban traffic light networks. Through coordinated installation and centralised management, the Cities UTC system can improve the flow of traffic in cities by scheduling different traffic light plans throughout the day.

Cities Visor

CITIES VISOR (Videosurveillance on Vehicles) is an on-board video-surveillance system which records images and then, on the driver's signal, transmits them to a control center.


The Security and Information Systems Division, as an expert supplier/partner of national systems, produces wholly interoperable sensors, systems and solutions, in order to put at citizens' disposal an organised and participative system, enhanced by comprehensive control of network infrastructure, information and communications security.