Traffic Control Systems



VeTWEET is a vehicle management system, designed specifically for the movement of vehicles within the Airport Movement Area. It consists of a 1090MHz transmitter transponder with an embedded DGPS/SBAS module, which can be quickly and easily installed to an existing vehicle.

VTMS (Vessel Traffic Management and Information System)

VTMS (Vessel Traffic Management and Information System) integrates and interconnects all the assets relevant to a safe and secure management of maritime operations, to provide the maritime community with a fully integrated system that supports safety and environmental protection at sea, law enforcement & security, and traffic management. The VTMS coverage can range from Local Centres for Single Port Monitoring, to Area Control and National...

Advanced Datalink for ATM

The Security and Information Systems Division Advanced Data Link Solution has been designed to satisfy the requirements and the current performance constraints requested by ATM service providers concerning data link functionality within the ATC operational framework.

VRC IP Remote Control

The VRC VoIP Remote Controller is a software application designed for the management of air-to-ground communications. It combines the advantages of a VoIP protocol with a powerful interface based around a touch screen colour LCD display, to perform operating commands towards OTE D100 radio equipment.