Security & Infrastructures Protection


CSP Gateway

The CSP Gateway (CSP-GW) provides gateway services to the CSP subscribers connecting the CSP platform with external networks in order to satisfy the increasing need for integration of different communication technologies especially during mission-critical operations.

CSP-HW Platform Industrial Server

The CSP platform is a software-based architecture that can be delivered on commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware.

CSP Service Management Node4

The CSP Service Management Node is the repository for the profiles of all subscribers and groups of the CSP network.


The CSP VoIP solution is designed to enable the evolution of traditional PSTN telephony systems towards network solutions that route data packets containing voice information encoded in digital form.

City Operating System

The city operating system can manage smart cities, and can also be tailored for major events and territory control solutions. It provides end-users all the tools they need to manage the day-to-day operations of the city and to intervene effectively during an emergency.

Coastal MSU

The most efficient coverage for large coastlines is achieved through a network of Coastal Mobile Surveillance Units (MSUs) with a Mobile Command Centre. Coastal MSUs can operate autonomously or be integrated with larger coastal/border management and harbour protection systems.

Critical Communications

The Security and Information Systems Division's LTE network solution fulfills the requirement for a broadband mission and operational critical network based on LTE standard. It is totally integrated and interoperable with professional and civil networks.


ECOS A2T (Auto Adaptive Technology) is an analogue simulcast network family for Professional Mobile Radio (PMR). It includes an automatic equalisation system based on DSP (Digital Signal Processing) techniques, allowing different types of new and existing infrastructures (microwave, fibre optic, telephone, UHF radio links) to be used for repeater interconnections.

ElettraSuite Adaptanet

The ElettraSuite Adaptanet® IP represents Security and Information Systems Division's latest TETRA solution designed to cover a wide range of system dimensions ranging from single site systems to regional and national networks for mission and business-critical applications.

ElettraSuite BS Compact Node

ElettraSuite BS Node Compact is the core of the Adaptanet® platform, working either as a high performance 2-carriers TETRA Base Station or as a fully featured TETRA Node integrating call control capabilities.