Security & Infrastructures Protection


ANPR / ALPR Services

The Security and Information Systems Division solution for Automatic Number Plate Recognition, Auto-Detector (also known as Plate Hunter ALPR), is used on a daily basis by 3,000 Italian Carabinieri and Police patrol cars, and more than 1,000 agencies, in all 50 States and DC in US.

Access Box Wifi Telecomms

The Access Box provides a WiFi infrastructure for turnkey mass transit applications using IEEE 802.11a/b/g technology. It comprises Commercial-Off-The-Shelf devices configured to provide the high grade performance required for working in railway and subway environments, outdoors and inside tunnels.

Autodetector 3 Fixed High

Autodetector 3 - Fixed High (AD3-FH) is a compact all-in-one number plate recognition system. A wide field of view make AD3-FH ideally suited for installation on freeways and multi-lane roads where cars are likely to move freely across lanes and/or maintain a high speed.

BRENT 2 Secure Telephone

BRENT 2 is a secure ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) telephone, which protects voice and data up to and including TOP SECRET and all UK caveats. It is an upgrade to the current BRENT and meets requirements for both secure and non-secure telephony.

Business Partner Program

The Business Partner Program (BPP) is a new initiative from Security and Information Systems Division, created with the aim of developing a worldwide network of partners and dealers able to support the commercialisation of company products and solutions, complementing and strengthening its direct sales force.

CSP Recorder Server

The CSP Recorder Server (CSP-REC-IP) is a network element that processes, manages and stores all voice communications within a CSP network.

CSP Automatic Localization System

The CSP Automatic Localization System Server (CSPSRV-ALS) is used to track mobile assets such as vehicles and people of the CSP network.

CSP Communications Manager

The Communication Service Platform (CSP) is a unified, integrated communications platform providing Professional, Public Safety functionality across a wide range of technologies including LTE and Wi-Fi.

CSP Control Room Interface Server

The CSP Control Room Interface Server (CSP-CRIS) has been designed to meet control room requirements relating to redundancy, flexibility and easy integration with third party applications.

CSP Dispatcher Station

The CSP Dispatcher Station (CSP-DS) element is designed to support organizations operating in critical communication environments, such as Public Protection and Disaster Relief, utilities, Oil and Gas, mass transport, etc.