Cybersecurity & ICT Solutions


Payment Platform

The Security and Information Systems Division Payment Platform provides banks with a complete set of tools and services to allow the central management of incoming and outgoing payments. It provides a "management centre" for all financial payment data - regardless of the originating channel or customer segment – to improve customer service.

Penetration Testing

A penetration test is a focussed and comprehensive test of your network and web infrastructure. With your authorisation, Security and Information Systems Division will use highly skilled analysts to probe your network and web technologies, exposing weaknesses and threats.

Policy Design & Management

Security and Information Systems Division has a wealth of understanding among its consultancy community in policy design, compliance, implementation and enforcement. Working with your network and security personnel,Security and Information Systems Division can audit all the policies that cover your operations.

Protective Monitoring

Security and Information Systems Division monitoring software inspects your log outputs and automatically highlights possible incidents, alerting skilled specialists to examine and decide if your systems are being compromised. Response teams are ready to act on your behalf to further protect, deter and enhance your security.

Retail Banking Solution

Security and Information Systems Division' Retail Banking System (RBS) is a web based, centralized, customer centric, fully integrated, multi-lingual, multi-institution and multi-currency platform.

Security Awareness & Training

The Security and Information Systems Division has capabilities in all the major areas of security. With state-of-the-art Operations Centres, threat intelligence engines, software developers, and experience hard won in the protection of some of Europe's most critical companies and organisations, Security and Information Systems Division has a breadth and depth of knowledge to train internal and client organisations on all aspects of cyber...

Security Estate Management

The Security and Information Systems Division Security Estate Management service includes asset discovery and vulnerability testing through a range of tailored, automated, penetration testing methods. The service can rapidly identify, evaluate and classify critical vulnerabilities at the network, systems and applications level, whilst providing compliance with corporate risk and security policies.

Security Health Analysis

Security and Information Systems Division works in partnership with you to identify the effectiveness of information security within your organisation. Experienced consultants will analyse the level of protection that your valuable information assets really have.

Threat Intelligence

Across the internet people are talking. Mostly this is harmless, but there are also less innocent conversations which may refer to your organisation and how to exploit or damage it. Using one of the most powerful computers in the world, Security and Information Systems Division is targeting this traffic, and is able to deep mine specific content that is matched to specific requirements.
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