Cybersecurity & ICT Solutions


Anti-Money Laundering Solution

The Security and Information Systems Division Anti-Money Laundering (AML) solution is a modular, web-based, multi-language tool designed to satisfy this specific requirement. It provides banks and institutions with the ability to detect, respond and even prevent suspicious transactions in order to better safeguard their business activities.


ARCHANGEL™ is an actively managed security service, operating from a UK sovereign-based Security Operation Centre (SOC). It has been developed by Selex ES UK government accredited domain experts in order to meet the risk of the most complex and malicious cyber threats.

Business Impact Analysis

The Security and Information Systems Division consultants are adept at identifying vulnerabilities, defining policy, and remediating networks to ensure an organisation is safe. Using risk measurements that are appropriate to the size of the organisation and value of the assets, the Security and Information Systems Division is able to create a profile of the security needed by the organisation.

Cyber Security Solutions

Taking advantage of more than 30 years' experience in cyber security, this integrated platform cross-correlates information from network devices, industrial sensors, geospatial data, CCTV feeds, security reports, internal databases and other open source data, supporting organisations in the management of composite threats and allowing them to monitor, detect and react quickly on the basis of real-time information analysis. The system is used by...

Energy ETRM Suite

Security and Information Systems Division's Energy ETRM Suite is a complete Energy Trading portfolio and Risk Management Solution. Leveraging real-time secure information, it constantly checks a company's financial exposure and the energy availability by means of a unique and fully configurable platform which meets the front, middle and back office organisation requirements.

Finance & Trading Platform

The Security and Information Systems Division Finance & Trading Platform is a web based, centralized, multi-lingual, multi-currency, multi institution/Bank and Shari'ah compliant brokerage platform that provides Banks and Traders with a powerful and flexible tool to manage domestic and international standard brokerage operations.

Incident Response

The Security and Information Systems Division Cyber Incident Response Service offers a complete service from initial incident triage and provision of threat intelligence, through to forensic services and advanced malware analysis, where it is used to establish the nature of the attack and the attack origin.

Info Assurance & Risk Management

From companies to governments, Security and Information Systems Division can investigate and discover who is interested in your data, and then advise on the best protection from internal and external threats.

Integrated Intelligence System (IIS)

The Integrated Intelligence System is the Security and Information Systems Division solution that supports Intelligence activities for national security, through the integrated processing and correlation of heterogeneous information from different sources.

Loan Management System

The Selex ES Loan Management System (LMS) is a robust and innovative architectural platform that is comprised of a Front-Office Loan Origination System (that supports consumer and retail financing facilities, as well as SME and Corporate lending) and of a Back-Office Loans Administration system.
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