Soldier Systems

FrontLine Soldier Radio (FSR)

The FrontLine Soldier Radio (FSR) provides all-informed encrypted voice communications, together with the communications and computing backbone for Command & Control (C2) systems. The FSR is a next-generation radio which addresses Soldier Programmes across the world. Its focus is to provide efficient and effective communications at Platoon and Section level, giving the soldier enhanced capability, whilst limiting the physical and mental burden.


Today's theatre of war is a dynamic, asymmetric battlespace, with forces on the ground often involved in simultaneous operations and with an increased emphasis on urban warfare. The Land and Naval Defence Electronics Division Personal Role Radio (PRR) significantly enhances combat effectiveness by providing all informed communications to front line soldiers; replacing traditional methods based on hand signals and shouting.

SSR Plus

The Soldier System Radio (SSR) Plus has been developed to address the evolving requirements of the future soldier, building on the key design features of the Personal Role Radio (PRR).

SWave Manpack Bi-Channel (MB1)

The SWave Manpack Bi-Channel (MB1) is a two-channel Type 1 radio for dismounted use


The Enhanced Personal Role Radio (EZPRR) significantly enhances combat effectiveness by providing all-informed communications to front line soldiers. EZPRR system is easy to use through its simple human-machine interface, is unobtrusive and comfortable to wear, yet is rugged enough to sustain the harshest environments presented by active front line operations.

SWave Handheld (HH)

The SWave Handheld (HH) is a single-channel software defined handheld radio that provides wideband secure voice/data services for demanding tactical needs.

SWave Enhanced Handheld (HH-E)

SWave Enhanced Handheld (HH-E) is the new frontier of soldier radios, providing the smallest reconfigurable radio based to the market.

LRT 440

LRT-440 WPC is a new solution for C2 wearable computer) within "Soldato Futuro" Italian Program.