Naval Communication

High Power Transmitter family

The Land and Naval Defence Electronics Division family of solid state, broadband, high power HF/SSB transmitters have been designed to meet the new standards of software reprogrammable radios while retaining the performance required of an HF radios in a modern, digital, communication system.


HF2000 is a versatile and feature-rich high frequency (HF) communications system that uses advanced automation software to offer ease of use and reliability of service.

Sentinel TVT

Land and Naval Defence Electronics Division is continuing to revolutionise communications capabilities in the maritime battlespace with the introduction of the new naval tactical Voice Distribution System (VDS), the SETV1. Based on the company's proven Sentinel Soft Switch, it manages voice distribution over an IP network. The solution also includes the Selex ES purposebuilt low-cost naval Tactical Voice Terminal (TVT).

NMS2K Network Management System

The NMS2K Management Suite is a Network Management Solution (NMS) compliant with Telecommunication Management Network (TMN) standards providingcomprehensive fault, configuration, performance and security management functionality.


The SRT-619/NV is a new-generation, multi-band, multi-role, multi-function 30W AM/100 W FM V/UHF Transceiver using the most advanced digital techniques to provide reliable voice/data LOS and SATCOM radio communications over the 108MHz to 400MHz frequency range for shipboard and ground-based military and military-type applications.

Naval Communications Systems

Leonardo has a full understanding of the technologies with which the communications system must integrate and considers the whole ship while addressing the communications requirement. Our team of communication systems integrators draws on in-company expertise in safety, security and navigation products to ensure that information needs are met in the most effective manner.