Soldier Systems

ALICE HH (Hand Held)

ALICE HH is an uncooled thermal imager based on a state-of-the-art, high resolution focal plane. The advantages of uncooled IR technology mean that there is no need for cryo-cooling devices. This results in a significant reduction in weight, size and power consumption, together with an overall improvement in reliability, operational readiness and portability.


ASPIS is the next generation integrated multifunctional individual weapon system. It is the lightest on the market, effectively utilised as a handheld day/night sight, as well as a rifle-mounted sight.

ERICA MP (Man Portable)

ERICA MP is a compact, high performance, low consumption man portable thermal imager based on a 3rd generation Staring Focal plane Array which provides high resolution passive infrared imaging for day, night and poor visibility land applications.


LINX is a hand-held all-weather target acquisition system featuring an uncooled thermal imager for all-weather observation and detection.

Nimos - Night Mobility Sub-System

NIMOS is a modular, lightweight, Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) integrated with a low light level digital TV for soldier night mobility. NIMOS can receive and display the ASPIS Rifle Sight InfraRed (IR) or TV video channels by wireless data link for ‘shooting around the corner' capability


Scorpio is a lightweight, compact, high hit-probability, Fire Control System (FCS) for grenade launcher tubes that provides fast and accurate aiming and firing capabilities.