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Job Title Ref Function
Campaign Manager SEL004792 Support Function / Other Roles


Job Title Ref Function
Project Engineering Lead SEL004746 Engineering
Senior Product Assurance Engineer SEL004741 Engineering
Senior Project Assusrane Engineer SEL004717 Engineering
Test Solutions Development Engineer SEL004580 Engineering
Head of Sales Force Protection SEL004561 Support Function / Other Roles
Systems Architect SEL004272 Support Function / Other Roles
Occupational Health Advisor SEL003033 Support Function / Other Roles


Job Title Ref Function
Principle Consultant / Cyber Solution Architect SEL004785 Secure Engineering
Project Manager SEL004780 Support Function / Other Roles
Programme Engineering Manager Mode 5 IFF SEL004752 Engineering
Business Development Engineer SEL004744 Engineering
Product Assurance Manager SEL004742 Quality
Senior Operations Analyst SEL004735 Secure Engineering
Infosec Consultant SEL004734 Secure Engineering
ES BU Programme Manager SEL004733 Secure Engineering
Cyber Security Analyst SEL004725 Secure Engineering
Senior Consultant SEL004714 Secure Engineering
ES BU Change Project Manager SEL004698 Secure Engineering
NCIRC Network Engineer SEL004697 Secure Engineering
Cyber Security FPC Engineer SEL004677 Secure Engineering
Security Event Analyst SEL004675 Engineering
Cyber Security Engineer (NIPS) SEL004674 Secure Engineering
ANPR Support Engineer SEL004631 Engineering
Systems Engineer SEL004625 Engineering
NCIRC Systems Engineer SEL004549 Secyre Engineering
Senior Cyber Security Engineer (SIEM) SEL004548 Secure Engineering
SOC Security Analyst SEL004454 Security Operations Centre
Campaign Manager – ASUK (S&T) SEL004427 Support Function / Other Roles
Principal Consultant SEL004374 Secure Engineering
Senior Security Event Analyst SEL004358 Engineering
Network Engineer SEL004187 Engineering


Job Title Ref Function
Sub Contract Manager SEL004825 Engineering
Senior Software Engineer SEL004805 Engineering
Senior Hardware Engineer SEL004724 Engineering
Principal Firmware Engineer SEL004719 Engineering
Senior/Principal Software Engineer SEL004628 Engineering
Senior/Principal Hardware Engineer SEL004575 Engineering
Senior Firmware Engineer SEL004539 Engineering
Senior / Principal Hardware Engineer SEL004537 Engineering
Principal Hardware Engineer SEL004536 Engineering
Senior / Principal Microwave Engineer SEL004508 Engineering
Senior / Principal Hardware Engineer SEL004465 Engineering
Senior Systems Engineer SEL004311 Engineering


Job Title Ref Function
Praetorian Mission Data Programmer SEL004522 Engineering


Job Title Ref Function
Senior Systems Engineer SEL004759 Secure Engineering
Solutions Architect SEL004671 Secure Engineering


Job Title Ref Function
Contract Manager SEL004827 Support Function / Other Roles
Configuration Build Controller SEL004819 Engineering
Project Manager - Training and Manpower SEL004818 Support Function / Other Roles
Lead Information Intergity Engineer SEL004769 Engineering
EW Campaign Manager SEL004758 Engineering
Senior Systems Engineer (ASUK) SEL004754 Engineering
Principal Systems Engineer (ASUK) SEL004751 Engineering
Sub Contract Manager SEL004716 Support Function / Other Roles
Senior Commercial Officer SEL004627 Engineering
Software Engineer SEL004610 Engineering


Job Title Ref Function
Field Service Engineer SEL004765 Engineering
Systems Engineer SEL004764 Engineering
Senior Software Systems Engineer SEL004731 Secure Engineering
Comms Systems Engineer SEL004486 Engineering


Job Title Ref Function
Marine & General Airframe Systems Analyst AW15/216 Support Function / Other Roles
Engines Analyst AW15/215 Support Function / Other Roles
Strategic Sourcing Specialist (x2) AW15/123 Support Function / Other Roles