At Leonardo, we offer industrial internships which can provide invaluable support to your current studies, whilst opening up your horizons to the diverse and dynamic ways in which your degree can be used within the global high-tech company.


Leonardo in the UK opened its Early Careers recruitment in September and will be looking for over 200 roles across its graduate, apprentice and internships for 2018.


Open industrial internship opportunities

Job title Ref Location
Industrial Placement Systems Engineer 2368 Basildon
Industrial Placement Mechanical Engineer 2305 Basildon
Industrial Placement Software Engineer 2311 Edinburgh
Industrial Placement Microwave Designer 2446 Luton


Open summer placement opportunities

Job Title Ref Location
Summer Placement Software Engineer 2380 Basildon
Finance Summer Placement 2720 Luton
Summer Placement Student 2479 Luton
Supportability Engineer Summer Placement 2489 Edinburgh
Systems Engineering Summer Placement 2481 Edinburgh
Summer Placement – Quality 2357 Edinburgh
Summer Placement – Mechanical Engineer 2356 Edinburgh
Summer Placement – Software Engineer 2329 Edinburgh