Training &Support

Training and Support

Today, platforms and the systems that equip and connect them are designed to stay in service for long periods but must also be adaptable, in a rapid and flexible manner, to unforeseen operational conditions. Leonardo is a pioneer in  this sector, thanks to effective customer partnerships that allow the Company to understand, and often anticipate, the operational needs and develop, together with the customer, the most flexible and innovative solutions, both in terms of product management and end-user training and refresher courses.



EWOS (Electronic Warfare Operational Support)

EWOS (Electronic Warfare Operational Support) is dedicated to delivering EWOS capability. Building on Airborne and Space Systems Division's many years of experience, it takes advantage of the significant operational EW and/or EWOS experience brought by our specialist staff. The team is an integral part of the overall EWOS capability that our Fixed Wing & Operational Support (FWOS) Directorate provides in this vital area of intellectual support...

Mirach 40

Mirach 40 is a reusable state-of-the-art multi-threat aerial target system, designed and manufactured completely in-house.