Finmeccanica technology heading for Mars

The commitment of Finmeccanica in the European space exploration program ExoMars, the second mission to the Red Planet organized by ESA in cooperation with the Russian Roscosmos
Rome 04/11/2014

Officine Galileo:150 years of history and technology

Officine Galileo of Campi Bisenzio celebrated the 150th anniversary on October 26th. This is the symbol of technological excellence, a path started in 1864 with the production of scientific and astronomic instruments and continues still today.
Campi Bisenzio 31/10/2014

Slovakia selects the C-27J Spartan

The Slovak Armed Forces will acquire two new tactical transport aircraft, the C-27J of Finmeccanica - Alenia Aermacchi, allowing the Air Force of the Central European country to become more interoperable with NATO, of which Slovakia is an active member since 2004.
Turin 30/10/2014

Finmeccanica space technology at the Milan Science Museum

Il contributo di Finmeccanica alla nuova sezione del Museo della Scienza di Milano dedicata allo Spazio.

Finmeccanica at the Genoa Science Festival

The participation of the Finmeccanica Group at the Festival - this year celebrating its twelfth edition in Genoa from 24th October to 2nd November – has been extensive and articulated.
Roma 28/10/2014

New phase for the European program MUSIS

The European program MUSIS (MUltinational Space-based Imaging System) is facing a new phase that will allow the creation of a real joint network of satellites for surveillance and reconnaissance. Finmeccanica participates at the program with a primary role through the companies of the Space Alliance: Thales Alenia Space and Telespazio.
Rome 17/10/2014

Helitech: an exceptional showcase for AgustaWestland

New orders announced during Finmeccanica-AgustaWestland's partecipation at Helitech International, the exhibition dedicated to the helicopter, held in Amsterdam, October 14 to 16
Amsterdam 15/10/2014

First two ICH-47F Helicopters delivered to Italian Army

Agusta Westland delivers to the Italian Army its first two ICH-47/ "Chinook" realized under agreement wit Boeing.
Vergiate 02/10/2014

OTO Melara drones protagonists of the "Researchers' Night"

Innovation and technology have been the watchwords of the "Researchers' Night", a European initiative that took place in recent days in many Italian cities and which witnessed the participation, in La Spezia, of Finmeccanica – OTO Melara.
La Spezia 29/09/2014

The Copernican revolution

Finmeccanica plays a leading role in Copernicus, the new European Earth observation and monitoring satellite program, the most ambitious project ever realised in this field.
Roma 26/09/2014