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Pilots of the future: an international school in Italy

The new Leonardo – Finmeccanica Aermacchi M-346 trainers and the proven experience in training student pilots from all over the world make the 61° Stormo (Wing) of the Italian Air Force (ITAF) a training centre of excellence with international scope, intended to best train the pilots of the future.
Leonardo 22/06/2016

Tests successfully completed on the ExoMars spacecraft

After more than two months since the ExoMars spacecraft launch from the Baikonur Cosmodrome, the In-Orbit Commissioning Review (IOCR) phase was successfully completed.
Rome 24/05/2016

Monitoring deforestation in Brazil goes to the Italian COSMO-SkyMed satellites

Monitoring goes to the Italian COSMO-SkyMed satellites: e-GEOS has been awarded a tender, held by CENSIPAM, to monitor deforestation in the Amazon.
Finmeccanica 12/04/2016

ExoMars launch

"After the success of the Rosetta mission, which saw Finmeccanica technologies land on a comet, today we bring our knowledge onto the Red Planet," stated Finmeccanica Chief Executive Officer and General Manager Mauro Moretti.
Roma 14/03/2016

ExoMars Mission: installation inaugurated in Rome

Today, an installation by the Italian Space Agency (ASI) to promote and illustrate the Italian contribution to the ExoMars Mission was inaugurated in Rome's Piazza del Popolo.
Roma 10/03/2016

BriteCloud Manufacturing

The BriteCloud Expendable Active Decoy (EAD) was launched to potential customers and the world's media in late 2013 with defence company Saab being the first to offer the off-board decoy as an electronic warfare enhancement option on all Gripen fast-jet variants.
Leonardo 04/03/2016

Thales Alenia Space: awarded a contract by ESA to build Sentinel-3C and D satellites

Thales Alenia Space signed a contract worth €450 million with the European Space Agency (ESA), to build the Sentinel-3C and D environmental monitoring and oceanographic satellites for the European programme Copernicus.
Roma 10/02/2016

One billion euro deal with Iran Air for new generation ATR

ATR has signed an agreement with Iran Air for the sale of 20 new generation ATR 72-600 and an option for 20 more, valued at one billion euro.
Finmeccanica 01/02/2016

An important milestone for the Euclid programme

2015 was a crucial year for the Euclid programme, the ESA's new cosmology mission after Planck, whose main objective is to study the origin and expansion of the Universe. In fact, the satellite's design review and that of the mission's other elements were completed successfully in July and October respectively and fully confirmed the feasibility and scientific objectives of the programme.
Roma 15/01/2016

Missiles produced with 3D technology

Shaping the future. This seems to be the motto of the MBDA production facility in Fusaro (NA, Italy). In fact, in recent months this site has experienced enormous change in the production of missile systems. Several components are manufactured through Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM), or 3D printers. The site, located near Naples, has a workforce of about 400 employees engaged in production, integration and R&D activities, and it is a centre...
Rome 15/01/2016