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On the wings of PZL-Świdnik, Leonardo's helicopter company in Poland

PZL-Świdnik, the Polish helicopter manufacturer part of Leonardo's Helicopter Division, has over 60 years of experience and produced over 7,400 helicopters for customers in over 40 countries.
Leonardo-Finmeccanica 07/09/2016

Leonardo-Finmeccanica's Technology for the new Panama Canal

The Panama Canal's new set of locks, inaugurated on 26 June, is an impressive engineering project that involved global companies from all over the world, including Leonardo-Finmeccanica.
Leonardo-Finmeccanica 24/08/2016

The International Space Station, the future is already here

It is difficult to summarise in a few figures the characteristics of that which can be considered the most complex spatial construction designed up to now.
Leonardo-Finmeccanica 10/08/2016

Martian Chronicles: getting on a course to rendez-vous with Mars

76 days to the separation of Schiaparelli from the Trace Gas Orbiter, 79 days to the landing at Meridiani Planum on Mars, 335,476,114 km km the total heliocentric distance traveled since launch.
Leonardo - Finmeccanica 01/08/2016

Italian Air Force's AW101 CSAR

Operating with the 21st Group of the 9° Stormo Caccia (9th Fighters Wing) based in Grazzanise (Caserta), the Italian Air Force's AW101s (named HH-101As) are configured for Combat Search and Rescue operations (CSAR) and for support to the Special Forces.

The atomic clock: absolute precision for measuring time

Today, Leonardo- Finmeccanica boasts among its innovative technological solutions, the most accurate atomic clock ever made, for space travel applications: the Passive Hydrogen Maser (PHM).

The U.S. Coast Guard's C-27J

For the first time at the Farnborough international Airshow the U.S. Coast Guard's C-27J is on display, in its traditional livery with high visibility colours.

Leonardo in the Solar System

For Leonardo, Space is the place to overcome limits and experiment increasingly advanced technologies, to explore and look for solutions to improve our present and mould our future.

Aermacchi M-346 training for the future

It has won the most important international bids, with a total of 68 aircraft ordered to date: it is the Aermacchi M-346, the most advanced/lead-in fighter trainer aircraft currently produced and the only new-generation trainer optimised for the role of training pilots who fly on latest-generation high-performance military planes.

Leonardo-Finmeccanica "lands" on Jupiter with Juno

On 5 July at 5:53 AM (Central European Time), after five years of travelling, the JUNO probe, with Leonardo-Finmeccanica technology on board, entered Jupiter's orbit to study the planet's origin and evolution.
Rome 05/07/2016