Stories of innovation

Stories of innovation

Our vocation and our mission is to innovate. At Leonardo, being innovative means  designing and developing cutting-edge technologies and products, strengthened by the multiple skills and abilities within our company, and our ongoing commitment to research and development.

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A HERO for our times

The AWHERO, which combines Leonardo's experience in the development of rotary wing platforms and Sistemi Dinamici's experience in unmanned aircraft, can be used in missions carried out in the field or in naval missions to provide protection and support to the contingent; transport supplies and engage in anti-submarine and anti-piracy operations.
Leonardo 20/06/2017

10 years of COSMO-SkyMed: with over one million images from Space

In its first decade of service, COSMO-SkyMed has captured over one million radar scenes worldwide, by monitoring, for example, UNESCO World Heritage sites and generating data that is vital to understanding the phenomena that impact our Planet.
Leonardo 07/06/2017

e-GEOS: satellite data and safety for the European Union

A European consortium of companies headed up by e-GEOS – a Telespazio (80%) and the Italian Space Agency (20%) joint venture – will provide satellite data from the Copernicus programme to support EU security operations outside its own territory.
Leonardo 31/05/2017

Sentinel 2B: Monitoring the Earth from Space

Thanks to Sentinel-2B, the latest satellite launched into orbit as part of Copernicus, the European satellite observation programme that gives Europe the ability to identify and manage information on the state of the Earth's health; it will be possible to obtain the most detailed images ever captured of the Earth's vegetation.
Leonardo 08/03/2017

The AW189: leader of the "super medium" category

Over 30 AW189 helicopters, have accumulated 21,000 total flight hours, of which 6,000 hours achieved by two aircraft in offshore configuration, flying in the North Sea in cold and ice conditions.
Leonardo 06/03/2017

Leonardo and the Industry 4.0 revolution

The fourth industrial revolution is a worldwide phenomenon that will probably change the production processes of the entire manufacturing sector.
Leonardo 28/12/2016

Rosetta Mission: its long journey through Space has ended

The European Space Agency's historic Rosetta mission has come to an end. The probe has landed on the surface of the 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko comet, thus concluding its 12-year long journey through Space
Rome 30/09/2016

Cyber Security: a shared challenge

In recent years, cyber security has become a priority issue on the political agenda of national and international security for every country. It requires complex, quick and effective responses that are the result of specific expertise, synergistic actions, goals and resources to be shared.
Leonardo 29/09/2016

An Italian Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security: Chieti's SOC

It is in action 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, continuously working to protect crucial Italian and international infrastructure, pinpointing, in real time, possible cyber threats and attacks.
Leonardo 28/09/2016

Genoa: a resilient city with Leonardo's Security Supervision System

Leonardo-Finmeccanica participated in the Harmonise project by developing the Security Supervision System.
Leonardo 21/09/2016
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