The space gardens

Provide astronauts with the best living conditions in their spacecraft during long missions. This is the goal of Recyclab, the technological laboratory dedicated to research housed in the Turin plant of Thales Alenia Space Italia, founded to develop techniques for the generation and recycling of food and water directly in orbit and in zero gravity.
Rome 04/03/2015

Selex ES radars key players of the Space Surveillance and Tracking program

Testing of the capability to track and identify space debris with the Selex ES radar systems RAT-31 / DL FADR, has been successfully completed in collaboration with the Italian AIr Force.
Rome 04/03/2015

International success for the advanced laser activities

2014 has seen for Finmeccanica a remarkable success in terms of orders for the advanced laser activities manufactured at the Selex ES plant in Edinburgh, UK.
Rome 25/02/2015

Finmeccanica - Selex ES Mirach 40 flies for the first time

Success of the first launch of the new Finmeccanica-Selex Es aerial target drone, the Mirach 40, whose flight tests were conducted at the Inter-force Polygon of Salto Quirra (PISQ), in Sardinia.
Roma 25/02/2015

Finmeccanica Seeker for the new Anglo-French missile system

They are called "seekers" and are infrared trackers and will be those developed by Finmeccanica-Selex ES that will be integrated into the Future Air to Surface Guided Weapon (Helicopters) / Anti Navire Léger - FASGW (H) ANL - missile system that will equip new generation helicopters.
Rome 25/02/2015

In flight with Finmeccanica-Selex ES systems

Finmeccanica / Selex ES played a decisive role in the success of the first flight of the prototype 001 P.1HH Hammerhead Unmanned Aerial System of Piaggio Aerospace, which took place after an extensive flight campaign carried out with the technology demonstrator of the aircraft at the Italian Air Force base of Trapani-Birgi.
Rome 25/02/2015

ATR: a success story

In 2014, ATR sold 160 aircraft, along with 120 options, exceeding the previous 2011 record with 157 aircraft sold and 79 options and totalling approximately half the total sales of regional aircraft sector with below 90-seat capacity for the year.
Rome 18/02/2015

Mission accomplished for the European mini-shuttle

A 100 minutes flight for IXV (Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle), the technology demonstrator developed by the European Space Agency (ESA) to test the atmospheric reentry of a space vehicle. Finmeccanica takes part in the program with a primary role through its the companies active in the Space sector.
Roma 12/02/2015

Fully operational the eight Italian State Police AW139

With the entry into service in late December of the last of the eight units ordered by the Italian State Police, the AW139 once again has confirmed itself as the world best selling helicopter in its class. Since the arrival of the first aircraft in mid-2013, all helicopters are operating in the five bases of destination and, to date, have logged more than 1,500 hours of service.
Roma 10/02/2015

New contracts to AnsaldoBreda for managing regional lines

Finmeccanica-AnsaldoBreda has been awarded two new contracts, worth a total of about 26 million euro, related to maintenance of two specific types of regional trains and trams.
Roma 10/02/2015