Leonardo's Software Defined Radio communications in the times of Network Enabled Capability

To meet the new net-centric requirements of the Armed Forces, Leonardo's Land & Naval Defence Electronics Division has developed a set of technologies and cutting-edge products, featuring the SWave® SDR range, based on Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology, a versatile broadband communication tool whose functions and aspects can be modified via software. Software Defined Radio brings a true revolution to the field of military radio...
Leonardo 05/04/2017

The ATR 72MP: guardian of the seas made in Leonardo

This formidable surveillance and patrolling tool prevents and contrasts illegal activities at sea, performs search and rescue operations and is equipped with cutting-edge mission systems and sensors. It's the multi-role ATR 72MP aircraft, recently entered into service with the Italian Air Force.
Leonardo 20/03/2017

A family of... helicopters

Leonardo was the first to introduce a Family of products sharing the latest technology as well as a range of features for the benefit of our customers.
Leonardo 07/03/2017

C-27J Spartan: from Italy to the US, destination Australia

The first C-27J was delivered to the RAAF in late June 2015 and there are currently four aircraft in service in Australia.

Aermacchi M-346 training for the future

It has won the most important international bids, with a total of 68 aircraft ordered to date: it is the Aermacchi M-346, the most advanced/lead-in fighter trainer aircraft currently produced and the only new-generation trainer optimised for the role of training pilots who fly on latest-generation high-performance military planes.
Leonardo 11/07/2016