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Selex ES launches TacSat Razor Antenna – an innovative, lightweight, UHF tactical satellite, man-portable antenna

Selex ES has launched the TacSat Razor Antenna, an innovative solution to the need to provide front-line forces with robust, lightweight, on-the-move, high performance tactical satellite communications to optimise communications.
Rome 07/05/2014 15:36

Selex ES's partnership model and advanced technology gives it the edge in Jordan

Selex ES is attending SOFEX 2014 on the 6-8 May in Amman, Jordan.
Rome 07/05/2014 15:30

Republic of Peru buys two C-27J Spartan

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Turin 07/05/2014

Clean Sky

The Council of the European Union agreed to extend the Clean Sky Joint Technology Initiative (JTI) within the EU Horizon 2020 Framework Programme.
Brussels 07/05/2014

Board of Directors approves the interim financial report at 31 March 2014

The Board of Directors of Finmeccanica, convened today under the chairmanship of Gianni De Gennaro, examined and unanimously approved the Interim Financial Report at 31 March 2014. Il Consiglio di Amministrazione di Finmeccanica, riunitosi oggi sotto la presidenza di Gianni De Gennaro, ha esaminato e approvato all'unanimità il Resoconto intermedio di gestione al 31 marzo 2014.
Rome 06/05/2014 19:12

Shareholders' Meeting: Economy and Finance Ministry's proposal

Finmeccanica informs that, during the forthcoming General Shareholders' Meeting, which is convened in Extraordinary session on 9, 14 and 15 May 2014 (in first, second and third call respectively) and in Ordinary session on 9 and 15 May 2014 (in first and second call respectively), the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance has notified that the Ministry's representative will submit and vote the following proposal for the remuneration of the...
Rome 06/05/2014 12:15

AnsaldoBreda wins a contract from Ferrovie Nord worth about 100 million euros

Finmeccanica, through its subsidiary AnsaldoBreda, won a contract comprehensively worth about 100 million euros from Ferrovie Nord public transport company for seven TSR trains (Regional Service Trains).
Rome 05/05/2014 19:10

Selex ES to unveil new ultra-long-range IR camera and scientific IR sensor module at SPIE 2014

Selex ES unveils its latest products at SPIE DSS, the specialist conference highlighting the most advanced research and technology in optics, IR imaging, lasers, and sensing.
Baltimore 05/05/2014 15:16

The Belgian Railways NMBS/SNCB, AnsaldoBreda and Finmeccanica conclude V250 case

The Belgian Railways (NMBS/SNCB), AnsaldoBreda and its controlling company Finmeccanica have settled their discord regarding the V250-trains.
Rome 05/05/2014 14:42

Fully Configured MC-27J First Flight

Alenia Aermacchi, a Finmeccanica company, in partnership with ATK (NYSE:ATK), announced that the demonstrator of a fully configured MC-27J multi-mission tactical transport aircraft completed its first flight.
Turin 25/04/2014