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AW1160 Bangladesh Air Force AW139 SAR

Finmeccanica - AgustaWestland is pleased to announce that the Ministry of Defence (MoD) of the People's Republic of Bangladesh has signed a contract for two AW139 intermediate twin-engine helicopters.
Finmeccanica - AgustaWestland 14/07/2014 17:52

AW1161 AW139 VIP UK

Finmeccanica - AgustaWestland is pleased to announce the sale of an AW139 intermediate twin helicopter in VIP/corporate configuration in the UK.
Finmeccanica - AgustaWestland 14/07/2014 17:46

AW1162 Uganda GrandNew and Sokol

Finmeccanica - AgustaWestland is pleased to announce that the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uganda has placed an order for a GrandNew light twin and one W-3A Sokol intermediate twin engine helicopter.
Finmeccanica - AgustaWestland 14/07/2014 17:26

AW1163 AW139 1 million FH milestone

Finmeccanica - AgustaWestland is pleased to announce the AW139 global fleet has now flown more than 1 million flight hours, achieving this impressive milestone in just ten years of operations.
Finmeccanica - AgustaWestland 14/07/2014 17:22

AW1164 HeliStar AW119Ke for Teias

Finmeccanica - AgustaWestland is pleased to announce that HeliStar SA of Turkey, owned by Kaan Air and Air Methods, will operate three AW119Ke single engine helicopters plus a same type back-up aircraft to perform electricity infrastructure aerial monitoring for Teias (Turkish Electricity Transmission Company).
Finmeccanica - AgustaWestland 14/07/2014 17:12

AW1165 Yokohama City FD AW139

Finmeccanica - AgustaWestland and Mitsui Bussan Aerospace are pleased to announce that the Yokohama City Fire Department has ordered a second AW139 intermediate twin helicopter to further enhance its operational capabilities.
Finmeccanica - AgustaWestland 14/07/2014 16:56

AW1166 Italian MoD RUAS programme FINAL

Finmeccanica - AgustaWestland is pleased to announce the completion of a demonstration of its Rotorcraft Unmanned Aerial System / Optionally Piloted Helicopter (RUAS/OPH) to the Italian Ministry of Defence.
Finmeccanica - AgustaWestland 14/07/2014 16:48

Finmeccanica at Farnborough 2014

From 14 to 20 July, Finmeccanica takes part in Farnborough International Airshow with its companies AgustaWestland, Alenia Aermacchi, Selex ES, DRS Technologies, Telespazio and Thales Alenia Space.
Farnborough 14/07/2014 09:30

PAN's Commander Jan Slangen flies on Alenia Aermacchi's M-345 HET

PAN's Commander, Staff Off. Pil. Jan Slangen, made his first flight on Alenia Aermacchi's avionic demonstrator M-345 HET with the livery of the famous Frecce Tricolori.
Venegono Superiore

Finmeccanica: signed refinancing of the revolving credit facility worth EUR 2.2 billion

Finmeccanica signed today in London the refinancing of the revolving credit facility, which will have a duration of five years, extending the average period of the availability of credit to July 2019. The new revolving credit facility, worth EUR 2.2 billion, cancels and replaces the existing revolving credit facility signed in 2010 and expected to naturally expire in September 2015. The refinanced credit line is entirely undrawn both at 31...
Rome 09/07/2014 18:32