Leonardo Innovation Award 2018


The Leonardo Innovation Award, marking its 14th edition this year, is one of the most eagerly-awaited events by employees and students who are keen to explore the new frontiers of research and technology. This initiative, which Leonardo has been proudly supporting for many years, generates great interest not only within the Company but also among university students, recent graduates, Ph.D. students and Ph.D. graduates of STEM disciplines (Science, Technologies, Engineering, Mathematics), who have been invited to participate in this competition since 2015. Last year alone, over 7,800 individuals registered themselves on the student competition platform.

The 2018 edition has expanded the student category to Economic majors, and to international students focused in those faculties, who will be able to propose innovative solutions and projects in four new fields of research applied to Aerospace, Defence and Security: Virtual and Augmented Reality, Cognitive Systems, Blockchain and Circular Economy

For the students, the prizes are not solely monetary, but also include the opportunity of a six-month internship within the Group, so that they can get to know Leonardo’s technological heart. 

Are you a university student, a recent graduate a Ph.D. student or a Ph.D. graduate of two years or less in the faculties of Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Chemistry or Economics? Do you have an idea, a research project or an innovative thesis that you want to share with the world? This is your opportunity! Take the innovation challenge launched by Leonardo and send us your proposal by 5 November 2018! 





Innovation is a value of primary importance for Leonardo, which bases its competitiveness on cutting-edge technologies and products. In fact, the resources invested by the Company in research and development in 2017 amount to more than €1.5 billion, equal to 13% of company revenues, and 10,000 employees are involved in these activities. Approximately 23% of the patents in the portfolio stem from the Innovation Award and, of these, 97% found an application in Leonardo’s systems, products and services. These results have been achieved through an open innovation-based model to encourage the sharing of knowledge and opportunities, in the full awareness that in order to be innovative, talent, ideas and solutions, which also come from outside the Company, are fundamental. 

Leonardo is also strongly committed to the dissemination of STEM disciplines among the future generations, thus contributing to the achievement of the fourth Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) defined by the UN in the 2030 Agenda to provide high-quality, fair and inclusive education and learning opportunities to all. This commitment has taken the form of the opening of the Mathematics i.Lab, in partnership with the National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan, a permanent space within the museum for experimental mathematics, aimed at bringing future generations closer to the subject in an informal and entertaining way and also in support of the educational activities of the National Geographic Festival of Sciences and the MAXXI Museum as part of the “Gravity. Imagining the Universe after Einstein.” exhibition in Rome. These are initiatives that Leonardo considers essential for the promotion of “scientific citizenship”, which cultivates the value of innovation, indispensable for building the world of the future.