Leonardo Innovation Award

Leonardo Innovation Award

The management and development of people who devote themselves to innovation within Leonardo and its network are therefore one of the key engines needed for the development and advancement of our technological expertise, and an important resource for us to be able to maintain our competitive advantage.


This is why the Group has sponsored for more than 10 years now, an in-house “Innovation Award”, offering to colleagues worldwide the opportunity to present new ideas and receive an award for their contribution to the development of progress.


Since 2015, The Group has decided to open this opportunity to young university graduates, offering a challenge for innovation to students, university graduates and PhD candidates enrolled in engineering, mathematics, physics, computer science and chemistry departments at Italian Universities.students while aiming at offering an incentive to generate new ideas as well as privileged contacts with the company. Many have responded enthusiastically to the challenge for Innovation issued by the Company.


During the awards ceremony that took place at Expo 2015, the winners received the award from the Italian Minister for Education, Universities and Research Stefania Giannini and the Top Management of Leonardo at the presence of important guests of the scientific and research world.


All winners, in addition to the cash prize, was offered an internship of six months in one of the divisions of the Group.