The ability to innovate, look to the future, and engage in unexplored areas to achieve the most challenging objectives. It is essential for Leonardo to foster and enhance innovation, in order to play a leading role in technology and compete internationally.


For Leonardo the process of technological innovation is the result of constant interaction between the various players: the Company’s technical resources, customers, the research community, suppliers, start-ups, all tied into a network open to the outside and coordinated at the centre which fosters a culture of innovation.


Besides being the driving force behind its growth, for Leonardo the culture of innovation is also a value to be passed on to ensure continuity between generations of engineers and develop young talent.


Leonardo is committed to consolidating and growing its expertise in sensors, platforms, systems, services and integration, to create solutions to satisfy diverse customer requirements, also in dual-use approach, which means it can be used for both military and civil use. We constantly explore new solutions to follow and anticipate the market requirements in the various operational domains which face ever faster and multi-dimensional changes.


Leonardo works tirelessly to enhance its technological assets and expand its product portfolio by integrating state of the art technologies. This process is based on the expertise and passion of our people, fuelled by a deep-rooted culture of innovation that always looks to the future.


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